①Installation and debugging: During the product installation process, we will send personnel to assist the service free of charge. After the boiler is installed, under the condition that foreign conditions such as water, electricity and gas are already available, the company will be responsible for free commissioning of the boiler, so that it can reach the best economic operation state.

②Provide services during the warranty period: free inspection and maintenance within two weeks after the project is completed, qualified for acceptance and normal operation. Every year during the warranty period, visit and inspect the operation status irregularly, and conduct routine inspection, adjustment and lubrication; carry out an overall inspection of the equipment every six months, carry out a readjustment of the equipment once a year, and conduct an overall test of the equipment before the end of the warranty period , adjust to the best operating state, the cost incurred shall be borne by our factory, and a complete set of operation and maintenance records shall be provided to you. During the warranty period, it is responsible for repairing and replacing the damage and failure caused by the quality problems of the equipment itself.

③Out-of-warranty service: Our factory provides life-long maintenance service for the equipment, and users outside the warranty period can still enjoy the high-quality service of Kaitong.

④Emergency service: Our factory has a special sales and maintenance service center, equipped with special vehicles and personnel, to provide customers with 24-hour service. After receiving the user's emergency service request, we will arrive at the scene within 24 hours in most areas of China, and arrive at the scene within 12 hours in East China, and provide continuous service until the end.

⑤ Spare parts status: Jiangsu Kaitong Boiler and Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd. has sufficient spare parts and spare parts of various specifications and guarantees that they are original products, so that users can get the best quality and cheapest spare parts.

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