Briefly introduce the application fields and advantages of heat exchangers

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Heat exchanger may not be a very unfamiliar word to most people these days. Mainly involved in the field of heat exchange equipment: heating, ventilation, refrigeration, electric power, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical and papermaking and other industrial applications. Now the world's energy demand is increasing, but it is not the lack of energy. Therefore, the energy problem is the main factor affecting the ecological environment of various countries. With heat exchangers, we use advanced technology, and with our products, we maximize the use of energy.

Tubular heat exchanger, also known as shell and tube heat exchanger, its main advantages are large heat transfer area per unit volume, good heat transfer effect, and great operational flexibility, especially in high temperature, high pressure, and large equipment.

The tubular cooler consists of two parts: the shell and the inner cooler. According to the specific structure, the form of external connection is divided into screw type and flange type, and the installation form is divided into horizontal type and vertical type. From the floating form, it is divided into floating disc type and floating head type. The structure of the cooler tube is divided into spiral tube type and finned tube type. Flow plate, circular baffle

Tubular heat exchangers have the advantages of good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity, light weight, small footprint, no scale, convenient installation and maintenance, wide application and low price. , chemical fiber and other industries are generally suitable for various working conditions such as coolers, condensers, heating, evaporation, waste heat recovery and so on. Due to its solid structure, great flexibility in use and strong adaptability, the structure, technology and materials have been greatly improved in recent years, making its technology more reasonable and advanced. Therefore, tubular heat exchangers still occupy an important position in many types of heat exchangers.

With the development of industrial science and technology, tubular heat exchangers are used in the industrial field to recover and utilize heat energy, which achieves the effect of waste gas recovery, energy saving and environmental protection. Tubular heat exchangers can effectively utilize industrial waste gas resources, recover heat, save energy and reduce emissions.

Okay, I have introduced it here today. I feel that I believe that everyone has a new understanding of heat exchangers, which will be of great help for future choices. I wish everyone good health in the future.


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