DZL(W) series biomass steam and hot water boiler

Product Advantages Advanced combustion technology and sufficient fuel combustion; by capturing enough combustible gas, chemical energy is converted into heat energy, which improves the combustion rate of fuel and the thermal efficiency of the boiler, and has obvious energy saving and smoke elimination effects. Through the design of the dust-blocking wall, the inertial dust removal in the flue gas furnace is realized, which greatly reduces the initial emission concentration of the boiler dust and is clean and environmentally friendly. The boiler water circulation system adopts advanced and reasonable mixed circulation technology, the boiler heat transfer is good, the operation is economical, safe and reliable. The product variety and model are complete to meet the differentiated needs of different customers. The product has compact structure, beautiful appearance and small footprint. Save construction investment. Product Features

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DZL(W) series biomass steam and hot water boiler

DZL(W) series biomass steam and hot water boiler

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Hot water boiler: In the design of the air conditioning system, the choice of the cold and heat source has attracted much attention because it is related to the primary investment and operation and management costs. For the cold and heat sources of industrial and civil buildings that use central air-conditioning systems, the author believes that the use of chillers and fuel (gas) hot water boilers is a very good cold and heat source solution. In summer, centrifugal (screw type) chillers are used to provide 7°C~12°C cold water, and in winter, oil (gas) hot water boilers are used to provide 50°C~60°C hot water. At present, there are many fuel (gas) hot water boilers, such as pressure hot water boilers, atmospheric pressure hot water boilers, vacuum hot water boilers, etc. Among them, vacuum hot water boilers are more concerned by users because of their safety.

SZS series non-standard container automatic fuel (gas) boiler

Structure introduction: It adopts the double-drum vertical type D-type furnace structure, and the auxiliary heating surface such as the economizer is arranged at the tail. The burner is arranged on the front wall, and the convection tube bundle is arranged side by side with the furnace. The flue gas generated by combustion passes through the heater, the convection tube bundle, and the rear heating surface in sequence from the rear of the furnace, and then is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney. Structural features: The design of the double-drum vertical D-type layout is in good condition. The pressure body of the boiler is in good stress condition. The important pressure components such as the drum are not directly radiated and washed by the high temperature flame. High safety margin. SZS series automatic fuel (gas) hot water boiler technical parameters model

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The condensing waste heat recovery boiler mainly absorbs the latent heat of vaporization by increasing the condensing heat exchanger, the air preheater and the water vapor in the condensing flue gas, reducing the exhaust gas temperature and reducing the exhaust gas loss. In addition to improving the utilization rate of heat energy, in the process of flue gas condensation, the gas components in the flue gas are absorbed or reacted by the condensed water, so that the content of harmful gases SOX and NOX in the flue gas is reduced, which plays an environmental protection role in purifying the flue gas. The boiler body is cylindrical, and the tail of the flue is equipped with a heat pipe air preheater and a stainless steel fin tube condensing heat exchanger, which fully absorbs the sensible heat of exhaust gas and the latent heat of condensation of steam in the flue gas. set at the same time

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